Breaking Bad Scripts and Writers


We went to the Writer’s Guild Theater to see the writing staff of Breaking Bad. Wonderful event, a lot of funny stories and interesting information. The event was moderated by Glen Mazzara from The Walking Dead and included Sam Catlin, Peter Gould, Gennifer Hutchinson, George Mastras, Moira Walley-Beckett, Thomas Schnauz, and  Vince Gilligan.

Vince Gilligan
Vince Gilligan

We also got to talk to Peter Gould.

Peter Gould
Peter Gould with Laura

Here is a recap of what was said via Collider. However I must make some comments about that article here. First, Gilligan said that Walt changes during the run of the show. Marshall Dillon on Gunsmoke never changes as a form of TV “enforced stasis.” In discussing Walt’s (or anybody’s) motivation, they called that figuring out what is inside the character’s head. The best quotes; About coincidence, “If it’s bad for the character, then it’s Kosher.” About scientific accuracy, “I just have to write convincingly, not accurately.” “Mystery is good, confusion is bad.”

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