My Videos

I was a Cameraman and Editor on Music Videos and Documentaries including this one for The Knack.

Copyright Capitol/EMI

I was an On-line Editor at The Disney Channel where I worked on the restoration of An Evening with Fred Astaire in association with The UCLA Film & Television Archive. Here is a clip fromEntertainment Tonight about the technical aspects of our restoration.

Copyright CBS/Paramount

Some of my projects were featured on a couple Movie Magic TV Show about Special Effects. Here is Rene Daalder talking about his film Habitat.

I worked with Canal Plus’ Medialab LA on a performance capture system. I developed story ideas for a live audience interactive TV show.

Directed and Designed by Trip Gruver
CGI by Metrolight Studios L.A.

I edited some HD Video for The Sony Wonder Technology Lab in New York. Here is an overview by