Robin Williams in Back to Neverland

Robin Williams, Walter Cronkite and Jerry Rees prepare for the opening scene. From Go there for more great photos and information. I worked with Jerry Rees when I was at Walt Disney Imagineering. His is a very talented guy and is best known for the delightful Brave Little Toaster. He went to Cal Arts. Written & Directed by Jerry Rees Starring Robin Williams & Walter Cronkite This … Continue reading Robin Williams in Back to Neverland

Lucid Dreams of Gabriel – Teaser

From Variety, Disney and Swiss pubcaster SRF unveil experimental short at Locarno fest. At the Locarno Film Festival, the Disney lab and SRF jointly unveiled an impressive experimental short titled “Lucid Dreams of Gabriel” (see teaser) which for the first time displayed local frame variation, local pixel timing, super slow motion effects, and a variety of artistic shutter functions showcasing this “The Flow-of-Time” technique. The … Continue reading Lucid Dreams of Gabriel – Teaser